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Psychology Department

Mother Arts and Science College, offers both undergraduate (B.Sc Psychology) & post graduate (M.Sc. Psychology) programmes in Psychology. B.Sc Psychology offers courses like Basic Themes in Psychology, Individual differences, Complimentary courses like statistics & human physiology in first 4 semesters and delves deeper into the subject through courses like Abnormal Psychology, Psychological Counselling, Social Psychology, Health Psychology etc. The Programme offers hands on training experience to students, in psychological measurement and testing through practical courses. The Programme also offers a small project work which help students to develop and improve both research and statistical skills. M.Sc. Psychology programme offered by the department includes courses like Counselling Psychology, Psychopathology, Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Organizational behavior, Current trends in Psychology etc. It also provides practical exposure to the field of Psychology through one month internship programme, Community extension work, Life skill development, experimental psychology, field work and journal work etc. It also offers research exposure to the students through dissertation work which should be completed by the end of the programme. Department activities The department conduct various activities that aims at the betterment of field of mental health through regular debates and discussions, awareness programmes on various topics that are related to the field. Future developments Department of Psychology aims at promoting more about mental health and to reduce stigma related to the field by embracing everyone with empathy & humanity. It plans to initiate an active Counselling unit in the college where both students & staffs can approach without the fear of being judged.HOD
N P Mehjabin Mohammad