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Counselling Cell

Mother Arts and Science College, Peruvallur, has been at the forefront of the education from the day of its inception. The institute consist of various students from various places .It is the responsibility of the institute to uphold and uplift the quality of education in all aspects.

In this view, a cell is formed by the name of “COUNSELLING AND MOTIVATION  CELL” through which, we help resolve emotional and psychological issues of the student community.Timely counselling and support to lead a qualitative lifestyle will bring about a positive attitude and improvement in lifestyle.The cell for Counseling and motivation works with a vision to provide students with holistic knowledge on Values, Self-care, Interpersonal skills and nurture Self-efficacy.Our college's COUNSELLING AND MOTIVATION CELL is a lighthouse in the midst of a dysfunctional family and society. This cell attempts to promote harmony and peace, lessen crisis and problems, improve family bonds, and develop coping mechanisms for dealing with familial challenges.The aim of the counselling and motivation cell is to enable students to achieve optimally and adjust adequately in their lives by enhancing their coping skills, promoting effective decision making and improving their interpersonal relationships.


The goal of the mental health discipline of counselling is to assist everyone in realizing their full potential. The vision of the counseling and motivation cell of our college is to instill a holistic awareness of values, self-care, interpersonal skills, and self-efficacy in students.


Mother Arts and Science College has a counselling Cell in the college with a professional team of faculty members and a counsellor in order to address and assist in resolving emotional and psychological difficulties of the student community.

            The Counselling Cell encourages the students to understand themselves and figure out issues that trouble them. The Cell further guides them to resolve their problems. These problems can be personal, emotional, social, academic, interpersonal, sexual, drug-related etc. This is done through individual or group counselling to help them with academic goals, social and personality development, career goals, empathy and interpersonal skills in order to have healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle.

            The counsellor's job is to support clients by listening carefully and providing prompt, nonjudgmental, and private responses. They have received professional training to evaluate, identify, and treat adolescents who are battling issues such as social addictions, academic stress, anxiety, and depression.

           The major objective of the counseling cell is to advance the students' wellbeing. The Cell's overarching goals are to:

• To assist kids in developing self-reliance and confidence.

• To develop life skills through programs that emphasize service and value-based education.

• To pinpoint the issue or challenges the pupils are facing.

• To assist students in resolving issues, increasing self-awareness, and overcoming psychological suffering.

• To lessen suffering, find suitable solutions, make moral decisions, and empower pupils to become independent adults

 • Offer value-based education.

• To promote health and wellbeing.

• To offer students comprehensive services and assistance.